With Any Certainty

by Lonely Creatures

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"For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream." -VG


released September 4, 2016


all rights reserved



Lonely Creatures Tallahassee, Florida

Lonely Creatures is a band of folksy shoegazers floating around the universe. We're not as lonely as we seem.

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Track Name: We Will Reign
Chasing that moon we saw two summers past
Holding onto memories kept behind glass
Rain may wash away and bring anew tomorrow and today
We'll find our kindred eyes in storms calling thunder through the night

Singing on rooftops with rose colored eyes
A million lights burn through the sky and swallow the night
Dreams of wandering minds that starve for another place to find
Our home, our harmony
Staring at the starlight side by side

I couldn't fall asleep with so much to say
The moon is our sun, the night our day
The rain, it starts to pour, falling so much harder than before
Still the whole world turns, the days are mine, the nights are always yours

I would let it rain forever, just so we could play in the mud
We could run around in puddles, dancing while the whole world floods
Rain calls, cries to us all
Lights glow in skies they know
Track Name: For the Better of Us
Speak soft, I’m right here
Til your fear, til your fears
Drown out the background
We’re still here, we’ll still hear
And I won’t surface without your hand in mine
I would drown in this silence before I’d leave you behind
We will wade through these waters, side by side
We will light our fires as winters pass us by
We will burn under our skin
We will swim back to where we’d begin
Before days too bright to remember
And nights we can’t outrun
We will hold on til the currents have finally won
Speak soft, I’m right here
Til your fear, til your fears
Drown out the background
We’re still here, we’ll still hear
Because no matter what words we leave unsaid
And no matter what letters we leave unread
And no matter what lives we leave unled
I am better for knowing you
Track Name: We'll Be Fine
Dancing through the universe, the stars and rain over planet earth.
The twirling sun, the hopeful sky, the loneliest moonlit night.
Just you and I.
But I don’t think that I belong to human kind, share our bones and our skin, not our eyes.
When the whole world breathes a sigh, and tells me say goodbye, but I loved you, that’s enough.
Here’s to life.
So sing to me in a thousand dreams. Say “we’ll be fine, we’ll be fine.”
That we’re all the same in this lonely place. Writing time, til we say goodbye
to the human race.

The whole world hides their eyes, when I cry out starry night. Say goodbye human kind, it’s my time.
Because this is how I, I want to die. Theo dear, please stay here,
One last time.
And see the wheat where the crows will soar, and all the worlds that are never more.
The flowers blooms and cypress shores. Our broken minds having left the world
Can hurt no more.
A thousand years they’ll know my face after finding death a lonely place.
Love your fears and we’ll be okay, my loneliest human race.
Time to write the day.
Track Name: In Sunlight Fire
I did not fly too high.
These are not Apallo's Skies
No matter what he said, even as I'm left for dead,
I'll give it another try

I'll work by the moon light
And build my wings a second time
To launch into the sky, like a rocket through the night
Cause we can never fly too high

We will fly today, even through the sunlight fire.
Mount Olympus cries, as we climb so much higher
And touch down on the moon as the sun begins to rise
We'll look back at the earth, wonder why we feared the skies

I did not build too high.
I made a tower like my mind.
Though he may knock it down we'll start back at the ground
And build it another time

One by one by the moon light.
Everyone a greater sight
With a thousand more beside, like fingers towards the sky
We can never build too high

We will not surely die,
Cause you do not control our lives.
Despite the willful blind, you'll find out human kind
Will rise up higher every time

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